'You white racist' - Lili

One of the seven men who were denied bail over the dumping of human waste at the Cape Town International Airport hurled obscenities at the magistrate in court on Monday.

According to News24, the men appeared in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court and were denied bail by Magistrate Jannie Kotze on the grounds that they were likely to commit the same crime again if released.

One of the men, Andile Lili, began shouting at the magistrate as the men were led out of the court. According to News24, he shouted: “You white racist, you magistrate, you fucking racist, you don’t care… we can’t allow our people to live in those conditions.”

When the suspects returned to the court later to re-schedule the postponement to 5 August, Lili continued his attack on the magistrate. Kotze ignored Lili as he said: “He is only lambasting us because we are black. We are ready to spend 30 years in jail. Why must we be treated like pigs? It’s enough now.”