Wedding day roles

Know everyone's wedding roles and you should hopefully have a smooth wedding day!Know everyone's wedding roles and you should hopefully have a smooth wedding day!

Wedding day roles: What should you be doing?

Hopefully as little as you can bear. The groom of course has to give his speech, but the wedding day is your day − you have the biggest part to play − so it’s time for you to go with the flow. After all, you have done the hard work over the last year so try to sit back, focus on looking great and allow the following list of wedding day helpers to ease you into married life.

Wedding day roles: Head bridesmaid

With the hen do over and the pictures hidden where the groom will never discover them, the chief bridesmaid moves onto play a central role in the day’s proceedings. She is there to help the bride get ready on the wedding day and keep track of the day’s events to help pry the bride away from watching the clock. At the ceremony things only get more complicated for the head bridesmaid, where she will be expected to check the bride’s dress on arrival, shepherd the other bridesmaids and hold the bride’s bouquet during the service. After helping the bride prepare and once the attendees head to the reception, her only real duty (apart from looking gorgeous and enjoying a beverage or two) is to help serve the cake before taking charge of the wedding attire for safe keeping.

Wedding day roles: The best man

Now that the stag do is a distant, blurry memory, it is time for the best man’s real work to begin. He is there to be the wingman and to take the pressure off the groom. He should collect the wedding attire and ensure its delivery to and from the tailor. He should help get the groom dressed, ensuring he doesn’t look like a child in an oversized suit, and then get him to the venue on time. At the ceremony he is responsible for marshalling the other ushers and most importantly, safeguarding and presenting the ring when required. His official duties end in a crescendo with the delivery of his (hopefully) funny and heartfelt reception speech.

Wedding day roles: Father of the bride

Whether he has had any financial input into the wedding or not, the father of the bride still has one of the most important roles to play in the day’s proceedings. He is responsible first and foremost for getting the bride to the venue where he will perform the tear-inducing duty of escorting his daughter down the aisle and giving her away. He is expected to be on-hand to assist with the hosting of the reception and then make the first speech and toast of the dinner.

Wedding day role: Mother of the bride

The wedding day is where mums get their chance to shine after months of having to watch the planning from afar. Prior to heading to the wedding ceremony the mother of the bride helps get her daughter dressed and, along with the bridesmaids, provides as much of a pre-ceremony pep talk as she can muster. She then high-tails it over to the wedding venue at which point she activates super hostess mode and sets about ensuring events go off without a hitch before eventually taking her seat to enjoy the wedding ceremony. Her final duty is to oversee the smooth running of the wedding reception and the collection of wedding gifts.

Wedding day roles: Friends and relatives

There are of course plenty of other smaller roles you can distribute among other friends and relatives. These include:

Page boy or ring bearer

A good way to include a young male relative. He either carries the bride’s train or brings the rings up the aisle.

Flower and confetti girls

Self explanatory younger female members of the bride’s family can either carry a bouquet up the aisle behind the bride or be tasked with sprinkling confetti.


Subordinate male members of the party. Usually tasked with the duty of chaperoning the car parking arrangements!


Bridesmaids support the head bridesmaid and take on any duties she may delegate to them. Read more on
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