Two of a kind: new iPad mini ads showcase iBooks, Photos alongside big brother

Wow, Apple’s really determined to push this whole “concentrated iPad experience” thing with the iPad Mini. Case in point: the two latest ads for the 7.9-inch tablet.

Both adverts feature the iPad Mini next to the larger iPad.

The first is meant to show off how comparable the Photos experience is on the two devices and is set to “Two of a Kind” by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer.The second meanwhile, shows off iBooks and shows the devices opening up books with contrasting titles.The message is enforced with all the subtlety of a Jackhammer: you’re not losing out on anything by going with the smaller device. Unless you count a screen resolution lower than its seven-inch competitors, a previous generation processor and a mono speaker. You know, little things.

None of that however has stopped the tablet from selling like flashlights in storm season. Although Apple hasn’t given exact figures for sales of the device, it did recently say that the device had sold out.

Source: The Next Web

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