Swaziland: Mandela Memorial Service Broken Up By Royal Police

Manzini – King Mswati’s police on Friday broke up a peaceful memorial service for the late former President, Nelson Mandela said the Swaziland Concerned Church Leaders Forum’s Sidney Nyembe.

“We are alarmed at this wanton disregard for human rights and failure to honour the memory of Nelson Mandela. We condemn this in the most strongest of terms. It is an insult to what Nelson Mandela stood for and clearly shows that the Swazi regime cannot hate its disgust for anything resembling democracy,” said Nyembe.

The Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF) organised the memorial service at Manzini’s Lutheran Church in Manzini to mourn the death of Mandela. The mourners were in the middle of a prayer when police disrupted the proceedings.

According to Nyembe, the mourners were locked inside the church for allegedly defying an order preventing the public from holding memorial services to honour Mandela. King Mswasti’s police used force to lock the mourners inside after the mourners asked the police to show documentation of such an order.

An investigation is currently being conducted into the matter.

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