How to spot a healthy canapé

smoked salmon canape
Pick up a smoked salmon bite for skin-boosting benefits

RULE No1: Bypass beige

Beige party food signals something battered, breaded, or pastry-based. Read: full of sat fat and empty calories, and definitely ones to avoid.

RULE No2: Veg out

Crudites are full of antioxidants, which help combat the free radicals in alcohol. Perfect for party grazing.

RULE No3: Pick protein

Prawns, chicken, lamb or beef skewers are great because they keep sugar levels stable. Eat up but watch out for dips and sauces.

RULE No4: Dip tip

Avoid creamy, mayo-style dips and instead opt for salsa for an antioxidant hit, or houmous for a great protein punch. And never double-dip...

RULE No5: Favour fish

Smoked salmon is a canapé classic – and will give you a dose of skin-boosting omega-3s. Tuck in, but discard the pastry/biscuit/blini base if you're being really careful.

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