SA Fashion Week: Runway rules steal the show

If warnings to avoid having big hair or stealing goodies are anything to go by, it may be our Wintour of discontent.

It would not be South African Fashion Week without a nipple or two peeking through sheer fabric, girls on stilts, boys ­channelling Filipino superstar fashion blogger Bryan Boy with a clutch bag in one outstretched hand, and lots of jostling for tickets and attention.

Fashion Week has its own rules. This year, the invitation came with a useful etiquette guide. Among the tips: “Watch your hairstyle — the person behind you might also want to see the show”; “Don’t scale the gifts out of the goody bag on the next seat” (enough headline-sponsor ­Tresemmé haircare product to brain any unsuspecting filcher); and “Don’t pretend you are media if you are not”.

Credit Anna Wintour, the British-born editor-in-chief of American Vogue, with modelling front-row comportment. Exude elegance, be compact, wear a slightly stern but composed expression and cross your arms, body language parlance for closing yourself to social influence.

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