NGOs to rescue as city stalls

Colleen du Toit, chief executive, Charities Aid Foundation, Maboneng Precinct responds to an article about evictions on Main street.

With reference to the article, "Eviction nightmare on Main Street", (January 11 to 17), I am writing to comment on the complete absence of the institution that should be the key player in this situation – the City of Johannesburg.

Based on this, and a string of similar cases, it is clear that the city is able to get away with simply ignoring its constitutional responsibilities. This is not only an unhelpful, bizarrely irresponsible attitude given that, in various pieces of legislation, beginning with the Constitution, shelter is a basic human right and local government has an obligation to ensure that homelessness from evictions does not occur.

Our office is in the Maboneng Precinct, across the road from the building where the evictions took place. With the Maboneng developers, Propertuity, we have drawn in relevant non-governmental organisation support for the evictees.

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