Fittings and alterations for your wedding dress

Getting the fit of your wedding dress correct can be more important than the deign itselfGetting the fit of your wedding dress correct can be more important than the deign itself

Every bride is a different shape and size so it is highly unlikely you will find a wedding dress that fits perfectly first time. And anyway, this is the most important dress of your life so you want it to be perfect in every way.

Do you have this wedding dress in a bigger size?

The first question is how many fittings will I need and how long will they take? This really depends on how many alterations are required and how thorough the seamstress is. The norm is around three fittings, especially as a bride’s weight may fluctuate before the big day. Many dress shops take just one set of measurements, but this totally depends if there are any dramatic changes prior to the wedding; perhaps those pre-marital nerves have shed the pounds!

If you are planning to lose weight for the wedding then it is a good idea to order a dress the size you currently are, but this depends on how confident you are in achieving your goal. However, if you tend to gain weight in stressful times then order the dress one size too big as it is much easier to take the dress in than out. The first fitting usually takes around an hour and many dress shops don’t offer fittings at weekends, so make sure you have allowed time for this.

Take your wedding lingerie along for the fitting

Wherever possible it is best to take along to your fitting your lingerie, shoes and anything else you might be wearing on the big day. Any padded bras or corsets need to be taken into consideration to help you establish whether the underwear you have chosen is right for the dress – it might be that there are lines visible through the sheer fabric of the dress, or the neck or back line is lower than your underwear straps.

If you don’t have the shoes in time for the first fittings then bring along a pair with the heel height you are aiming for. There is nothing worse then a bride tripping down the aisle or a ‘floor length’ gown that reveals a bit too much ankle. Getting the length right is crucial to looking your very best and ensuring you can glide effortlessly through your day.

Add a little sparkle to your wedding dress

Fittings and alterations aren’t just for ensuring the perfect fit of your dress. You may have decided to modify your dress with additional bling such as a brooch or diamantes, or make adjustments such as removing or adding straps. Small details like these will go a long way in making you feel your dress is just for you. Ensure you have discussed which alterations you want to make ahead of time with your seamstress; she can then advise if it is possible and how long it will take.

Which bit of the wedding dress goes where?

It’s a really good idea to try and make sure whoever will be dressing you on the day can attend at least one of the fittings. This will ensure they know exactly how to do up the thousand satin buttons or lace you into your bodice. Most dresses also come with fiddly contraptions to lift the train to allow for some moves on the dance floor later. Doing this yourself can prove difficult so any help you can get will save further stress on the day.

Room in your dress to breathe!

The key to a dream wedding dress is ensuring you can move gracefully and with comfort. If you are struggling to move your arms freely or feel like you can’t breathe out all day, then this is not going to make for a happy bride. Think about the movements you will need to make, and we don’t just mean the dance moves to the YMCA.

Much of the day will be spent hugging your guests, not to mention throwing the bouquet. So, if you can’t raise your arms without exposing yourself or you are unable to glide around the dance floor then you need to address this at your fittings.

Guess what? I’m expecting!

You may also need to plan in fittings for your bridesmaids too. This needs to be well planned as you may be catering for a few different girls here – your flower girls could have a growth spurt or your maid of honour could fall pregnant. Allow plenty of time to make sure they are all in order and try to keep abreast of any weight loss or baby plans so these can be taken into consideration well in advance. Read more on
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