Feds To Investigate New York Plane Crash

New York – La Guardia airport had to be temporarily closed after a Southwest Airlines plane crash-landed on the runway on Monday evening. Federal investigators are currently trying to determine what caused the landing gear of the plane to collapse.

According to reports the plane’s landing gear came down, but then collapsed as the plane touched down. The Boeing 737-7700 was coming in from Nashville, Tennessee and was carrying just over 140 passengers.

According to the General Manager of La Guardia airport, as reported by the Telegraph, 10 passengers had to be treated on scene, 4 refused medical attention and 6 had to be taken to the nearby Elmhurst General Hospital. The flight crew were all taken to hospital for observation.

This is the second plane crash to take place in the United States in the last two weeks. Earlier this month an Asiana Airlines plane crashed in San Francisco.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons