District Six Restitution to Begin Again

Cape Town – A revised opportunity for former District Six residents who were displaced during the Group Areas Act to lodge their claims before government’s deadline is now underway. The  initial process of restitution started in 1994 and ended in 1998, however the District Six Redevelopment and Beneficiary Trust (D6), had lobbied for restitution continuously.

Recently, government has started gazetting the cut-off date to not only apply to District Six , but also other parts of SA. “The only clarity we now seek is in terms of those who forgot to claim and those who never thought the process was real, and we hope to give them an opportunity to claim as well,” this according to Trust chairperson Dr Anwah Nagia.

He hopes the extension process would be open for applications as soon as 20 June 2013, but they are  not sure if that process will only be open for one year or if government will say one per family.

“There are also a few other issues that we need to assemble the community around and therefore, the committee formed by the trust is specifically getting people to assemble at Trafalgar High School and across the province to start preparing in anticipation of the date.”

Nagia added that so-called late claimants should begin getting their paperwork in order ahead of the proposed date and should start preparing their families so as to avoid any looming disputes.

He said any individual regardless of their marital status is able to apply for restitution. “However, the State will not reimburse all the siblings within a family as they will probably only provide one house per family, yet divorced people will be looked at as individuals under the Commission of Land Restitution.”