Creating and cutting your wedding guest list

Happy wedding guests cheering at weddingHappy wedding guests

Inviting children to your wedding

Flower girls and page boys can be so sweet at weddings but we doubt that you want your wedding to resemble a nursery when your younger cousins start playing up. Having kids hiding under the table during the speeches or crying out during the vows may not meet the sophistication you hoped for on your wedding day. So, if you choose to invite kids, think about their routine and bedtime or they and their parents might have to miss some vital elements of your wedding.

The older generation at your wedding

Your grandparents? Of course they should be at your wedding. Your elderly aunt and uncle? Definitely. Naturally, invite those who mean most to you, but if you’re nearing your guest limit then age possibly could be a deciding factor, if your conscience allows you to discriminate along these lines!

Feeding your wedding guests

Your guests need feeding, and that comes at a cost. Calculating a catering sum for your initial wedding guest list may shock you into hastily reducing the numbers – especially when there are often two meals to account for. You’d be surprised how much chicken wings and salad add up for a wedding!

Guilt over who you should invite to your wedding

You should not invite people to your wedding purely based on guilt. Take for example, a friend who invited you to their wedding but hasn’t made contact with you since. If it feels right to invite them then go ahead, but don’t agonise over it.

Wedding guests for reception or ceremony?

Sometimes it is appropriate to invite people just to your evening wedding celebration rather than the whole of your big day. Close friends and family should be there throughout, but those you are less close to would probably only expect an evening invite anyway. Think your hairdresser, personal trainer or next door neighbour. The fact they were invited to share your day at any point should satisfy most and it will clearly save you some money.

Will your wedding guests fit in the venue?

Inviting a lot of people to your wedding can only mean great things for your gift pile, but if you want 250 people at a 200 people venue then you need to think again. Make sure to book your wedding venue first and work from that. This will give you a fixed limit and also means you don’t have the trouble of rudely uninviting anybody later on! Oh the shame.

Small wedding guest list

A big wedding inevitably means a big guest list. The simple answer therefore would be to opt for a smaller wedding. Not only will there be a cost saving but your stress levels will diminish too. A smaller wedding might just be exactly what you want – it will be more intimate and you might actually get around greeting all your wedding guests. Read more on
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