“Corruption Endemic To ANC” – AgangSA

Johannesburg – Corruption has become a part of the ruling party’s DNA said AgangSA Political Director, Moeketsi Mosola in a statement over the weekend.

This comes after a member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee, Pule Mabe was arrested on charges of fraud on Friday.

Mabe and two others were arrested after allegedly soliciting money from South African Security Agency (SASSA).

The funds were then given to companies owned by Mabe and his co-accused.

In a statement released by Agang SA’s Political Director Moeketsi Mosola, Mosola slammed Mabe for using the headquarters of the governing body as a vehicle to steal and launder money.

“He obviously believed that invoking Luthuli House would guarantee him the free-flow of ill-gotten millions from the agency, given the party’s sickening conflation of government, the state and itself” said Moeketsi.

Speaking at the launch of the party’s Restoring the Promise of Freedom national election campaign on Saturday, Agang SA leader, Mamphele Ramphele said South Africa could have achieved more if there was not a pattern of corruption within the ANC.

“But for rampant government corruption involving highly-connected ANC leaders and their cronies, South African would have achieved much more in addressing its developmental challenges than it had after almost 20 years of freedom,” she said.

Ramphele further encouraged people to envision a government free of corruption and predicted that this pattern of corruption could lead SA down the same path as Zimbabwe.

“We need to imagine that we have clean government that is a servant to the people – not the other way round. It is possible. But, it is only possible if we all become active citizens and cast our votes in the 2014 election . . . by 2019 it will be too late. By that time our country will be on the other side of Zimbabwe.”


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