Botha calls for fight to be expunged

Boxing promoter Tinus Strydom said it was likely the fight between Franscois Botha and Sonny-Bill Williams would be scrapped from the record books.

Botha has already confirmed that his management team would lodge a formal protest with boxing authorities, requesting that the fight be expunged.

"I have asked my manager to apply to have the bout expunged from my record," said Botha this week.

Explaining what the grounds for the protest were likely to be Strydom said: "I have not heard from Australia's boxing officials or from the WBA, but my gut feel is that the bout will be declared a 'no contest' because of the conflict created by the advertisements which declared that the bout was a 12-rounder."

Strydom told the Australian media he had heard that team Williams had applied for the fight to be upgraded to a World Boxing Association (WBA) title bout.

At the time, he had disregarded the information, as he had not been consulted about it and therefore doubted that the WBA would even consider upgrading the fight.

"When I first heard about it I did not think that the WBA would grant it and therefore I did not question the development, since I firmly believed that the fight's (status) would not change," said Strydom.

"However, all the while, Nasser Khoder's promotion material, both television and print in Australia, advertised the bout as a 12-rounder."

Strydom said the advertising and branding for the fight, which was being circulated when team Botha arrived in Australia, a week ago, suggested that the fight was indeed a 12-round bout and that nothing could be done to change the status quo.

"Just before the start of the bout, the Aussie fight officials who were overseeing the tournament called me and pointed out that my contract was for a 10-round bout, and that's the way it was going to be," added Strydom.

"It was correct since the contract details were never altered after the November postponement," he said.