Arms deal: Seriti rejects call to take a lie-detector test

The chairperson of the arms procurement commission, Judge Willie Seriti, has rejected Mokgale Norman Moabi's challenge to take a lie-detector test.

The unprecedented challenge came from a former senior legal investigator, Moabi, who claimed in his bombshell resignation letter that Seriti had a "total obsession" over the control of the flow of information to and from the commission.

The Pretoria-based lawyer further alleged that the preparation of documents and briefs handed to the evidence leaders was clandestine and there were "unknown" persons who dictate what information goes into the briefs and which evidence leaders will deal with certain witnesses.

After a rebuttal by Seriti, Moabi last week challenged him to a lie-detector test, and said he would be the first to take the test, if Seriti obliged.

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