Angola v Morocco ratings

Take a look at our player breakdown of Angola and Morocco during their 2013 Africa Cup of Nations Group A clash.


Mamona Lama: Wasn't really tested by the Morocco attack, but dealt well with anything thrown at him. 6/10

Antonio Lunguinha: Was unable to cope with the skills of Assaidi and was fairly quiet until being subbed in the 78th minute. 4/10

Alex Afonso Dani Massunguna: Had a quiet game, didn't make any noteworthy errors and kept the Morocco attack at bay. 7/10

Regio Mingo Bile: Got forward in attack quite a bit and had a few chances to score, but left his defence threadbare. 5/10

Bartolomeu Bastos: Was quiet for the duration of the match, got forward as much as possible, while remaining responsible at the back. 6/10

Miguel: Had quite a few opportunities to get to the byline and get in a cross to Manucho, but his crossing was fairly inaccurate on the day. 5/10

Aderito Dede: Was fairly quiet during the match, didn't do too much wrong and put in a solid performance. 6/10

Jose Pirolito: Was very involved in the majority of Angola's attacks, and tracked back well to help in defence. 8/10

Hermenegildo Da Costa: Was kept fairly quiet down the right, but ultimately failed to provide Manucho with quality chances. 5/10

Mateus: Had a quiet first half, but really came to life in the final half hour of the match to put Morocco under pressure. 7/10

Alberto Manucho: Manucho was isolated in the first half and didn't see a lot of the ball, but showed his quality when Angola were on the front foot. 7/10


Marco Airosa: Airosa came on in the right-back position and managed to keep Assaidi quiet for the last half-hour of the match. 8/10

Sebastiao Gilberto Was heavily involved in the dying embers of the match as Angola pushed for the winning goal. 8/10

Guilherme Afonso: Came on at half-time and gave Angola an extra attacking edge, was agonisingly close to a goal just minutes after coming on. 8/10


Nadir Lamyaghri: Dealt well with anything Angola could throw at him, and handled the pressure at the end of the match well. 6/10

Abdelhamid El Kaoutari: Had a fairly quiet game, didn't do much wrong and was solid in defence. 6/10

Abderrahim Achchakir: Marshalled the Moroccan defence well and did well to keep the Antelopes at bay at the end of the match. 7/10

Issam El Adoua: Defended well throughout and didn't make any glaring errors. 6/10

Mehdi Benatia: Kept a handle on Manucho and did well to keep composed after his booking in the 55th minute. 6/10

Karim El Ahmadi: Was a real attacking threat on the counter-attack and did well to link-up with his team-mates. 7/10

Adil Hermach: Was a calm head in the middle of the park and was the link between defence and attack. 6/10

Abdelaziz Barrada: Was central to a lot of Morocco's play in the first half and linked up well with Assaidi on the left side of the pitch. 7/10

Nordin Amrabat: Found plenty of space on the counter-attack and had a couple of shots on goal from outside the area. 7/10

Oussama Assaidi: Was a conduit for most of the Atlas Lions' attacks and continually found space down the left-hand side. 8/10

Mounir El Hamdaoui: Had a few opportunities, but was kept at bay by the Angolan defence. 7/10


Youssef El Arabi: Battled to make an impact on the match when he was brought on. 5/10

Younes Belhanda: Struggled to impose himself on the match and was kept quiet throughout. 5/10

Chahir Belghazouani: Failed to make any real difference to the match and was pinned back towards the end of the game. 4/10