Top 5 most beautiful wedding cakes

Simple wedding cake - perfect for a beach wedding

This wedding cake would be perfect for a beach wedding as it is simple and understated. The plain white icing creates the perfect blank canvas for the bright flowers which inject colour without being overpowering. The delicate beading element at the base of each tier adds detail without taking away from the cake’s simplicity and purity. A cake like this is so versatile and can be easily adapted to most wedding themes and colour schemes – simply alter the flowers.

Simple, tropical wedding cake for beach weddingTop 5 most beautiful wedding cakes

Traditional and classic wedding cake

If it’s a more traditional wedding you’re having, particularly one that is taking place in an historic building such as a country house or castle, then this wedding cake would be perfect. This beautiful wedding cake would tie in seamlessly if the bride carries a bouquet of red roses tied with white ribbon at the base or if she wears tiny red roses in her hair.  The swirly icing detail on the base tier adds an element of classic wedding style while the brooch-like pearl details at the front of each tier give it a feminine edge. It would be a shame to cut into this one!

Classic red wedding cake for traditional weddingTop 5 most beautiful wedding cakes


Purple wedding cake - perfect for a summer wedding

Purple is a very popular wedding colour as it’s bold without being tacky. Purple is often associated with luxury and wealth, after all. While an entirely purple wedding cake could seem a little garish, having hints of purple injects your chosen wedding colour without looking too loud. This beautiful wedding cakes strikes the perfect balance between colour and detail, with the flowers breaking up the symmetry, adding some character and charm. This wedding cake would be at home at a summer wedding due to the bright colours and fresh look. You can imagine guests milling around with fruit cocktails in their hands, enjoying the sunshine.

Purple, floral wedding cake for summer weddingTop 5 most beautiful wedding cakes


Princess wedding cake - perfect for a glamorous wedding

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but there are many brides out there who dream of a princess fairytale wedding – in which case this gorgeous cake fits in flawlessly. The dainty pink iced rosebuds, the barely-there iced hearts and the glitzy diamante border all create a magical wedding cake fit for a princess and her glamorous wedding. The sparkling heart cake toppers make the perfect keepsake too. This one’s for the girly girls and the true romantics. Make sure you get lots of photographs of this one before it gets eaten!

Princess wedding cake for glamorous weddingTop 5 most beautiful wedding cakes


Vintage wedding cake - perfect for an English country wedding

Having a vintage wedding? Are you inspired by the timeless and classic style of years gone by? Do you want a small and simple day? Then this wedding cake is for you, my friend! As dainty as it is chic, this small but perfectly formed cake is perfect for a traditional English countryside wedding. You could change the colour of the ribbon to suit your colour scheme (match it to the bridesmaids’ dresses, perhaps), but to maintain that elegant vintage look keep the pedestal cake stand and the vintage roses (old Dutch, amnesia and illusion rose blooms are key to this trend). 

Vintage wedding cake for English country weddingTop 5 most beautiful wedding cakes



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