10 ways to achieve an original wedding

10 ways to achieve an original wedding10 ways to achieve an original wedding

Table names

For your wedding breakfast, instead of choosing standard table numbers why not use this element of your wedding day as an opportunity to be a little different? Choose a theme, such as past holidays, hobbies or food, and choose a different word to name each table. If you both fancy yourselves as wine connoisseurs, then each table could be named after your favourite bottle of vino, or if you’re avid backpackers, each table could be named after a different wild location you have visited.

Wedding vows

Make your wedding unique by writing your very own wedding vows. Such a personal part of anyone’s wedding day, wedding vows are a chance to really show your true colours. Many couples decide to choose from the generic vows to exchange, but challenging yourself to write your own meaningful words could be the perfect way to distinguish your wedding from any other. After all, no one else’s will be quite like yours.

Treasure hunt

This idea is great for adult wedding guests and children alike. After the wedding breakfast and before the reception, arrange a treasure hunt in and around the grounds of your wedding venue to excite guests and give them a wedding memory they won’t forget. If you’re having a spring wedding, then an egg hunt would be perfect, or perhaps you could hide Christmas crackers filled with treats for a winter wedding.

Role reversal

Instead of your usual male best man, the father giving away the bride and the male-dominant wedding speeches, why not mix things up a bit and surprise your wedding guests with something they weren’t expecting? The husband-to-be might want his sister as his ‘best man’, or the bride may want her mother to give her away and provide the heartfelt speech. Forget tradition and choose whoever you feel fits the role best.

Personalised cocktail

The perfect pre-wedding activity for the bride and groom, why not consider attending a cocktail master class together? You will be shown how to mix, blend and shake your favourite flavours into a delicious personalised cocktail, which you can then name and serve to your wedding guests as their welcome drink. If cocktails aren’t your thing, then consider a baking or chocolatier tutorial; you don’t get more original than handmade signature truffles or your very own wedding cupcake.

Wedding entertainment

Give your wedding guests a surprise and make your wedding reception one to remember by employing yourselves as the wedding entertainment. Don some headphones and be your own DJ or if you’re brave enough, you could even sing a duet or two. This would make for some great wedding photos and is a fun act to practice before the big day. You may not want to commit to the whole night’s entertainment (the bride and groom must mingle!) but having a 30 minute slot could be a hoot.

Wedding transport

Instead of the usual vintage car or fancy limo to take the just-wed bride and groom to the wedding reception, be a bit more original and hop on a tandem, rickshaw, a scooter and sidecar or take a ride in a retro VW campervan. Again, you’ll get some great snap shots and you’ll have some giggles on the way from the looks you’ll get from passersby. As long as it’s safe and it doesn’t ruin your hair too much, then the sky’s your limit with original wedding transport.

Guest book

Something so simple and sometimes overlooked as the wedding guest book can be easily transformed into an original wedding feature like no other. Forget guests writing messages in neat lines in a book, instead you could collect small pebbles and leave a pile of them for guests to individually sign. These could be kept in a vase at home or displayed on your mantelpiece for a lasting memory. Alternatively, if you’re musical you could ask guests to write messages on a guitar which would become a work of art in your home, or for something for the garden, you could buy a wooden bench and ask guests to sign the arms and backrest. Then, simply coat with sealer for a functioning ‘guest book.’


Be a bit more original with your wedding favours by offering your guests something different to sweets and chocolate. Hand out small packets of seeds to your guests for them to plant at home or how about mini jars of homemade jam or chutney? Adorn the seed packets or jam jars with Alice in Wonderland-inspired ‘plant me’ and ‘eat me’ labels for a fun feature. Or you could opt for cupcake-shaped bath bombs or voile sachets of lavender for the ladies or miniature bottles of whiskey or rum for the guys.

Wedding bouquet

Forget roses and lilies, how about an original wedding bouquet made entirely of intricate buttons and brooches, wrapped at the bottom with some pretty ribbon? Or consider a feather bouquet to match your wedding colour scheme; you could have bold peacock feathers or delicate, fluffy white feathers nestled in between your flowers. Fabric bouquets which use soft textiles such as lace to create flower shapes are an original statement too, as are pinecone bouquets or even ones made from wheat and thistles. You could be totally original and hold an embellished fan instead for the ultimate style statement.

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